US Hwa Rang Kwan Kumdo is

a martial arts school dedicated to promoting and teaching Kumdo in the Washington DC metropolitan area. US Hwa Rang Kwan has locations in Chantilly, Virginia and Ellicott City, Maryland.

A direct translation of

“Kumdo” is “way of the sword.” This Korean martial art has been described by some as oriental fencing. With large bamboo swords, loud yelling and protective armor, Kumdo consists of a generous amount of fast-paced full-contact sword fighting. The use of full body armor allows for safe practice, minimal injuries and and maximum burning of calories.

Our martial arts

establishment offers classes for students 7 years and older. Our focus is not on self defence, but instead on self development through spiritual maturity, inner strength, calmness of the soul and pure heart. These principles combined with speed and strength are the “essence” of Kumdo.

US Hwa Rang Kwan

is affiliated with and certified by the Korea Kumdo Association on the area, and also affiliated with GWMKF (Greater Washington Metropolitan Kumdo Federation), a subdivision of Korea Kumdo Association. Our mission is to promote and teach the highest level of Kumdo in the Washington DC area.