February 16, 2023
Kendo Is One Of The Different Types Of Martial Arts You Should Try

Unleash Your Inner Warrior - Find out Different Types Of Martial Arts You Should Try.

Welcome to the world of martial arts! When most people think of martial arts, they often envision karate, taekwondo, or judo. But there's much more to the martial arts world, and if you want to explore something different than the most popular martial arts disciplines, then kendo is one option to consider. 

Types Of Martial Arts

Hearing about "martial arts," you may often think about karate or taekwondo. We are not going to blame you, because these martial arts disciplines are quite more popular than the rest. Yet, if you want to take the road less traveled, and practice martial arts and other martial arts techniques other than the biggest ones, we would like to introduce you to kendo. In this martial arts blog, you will learn about the martial arts known as kendo, its striking techniques, why you should practice this and choose this over the many different types of martial arts, and a school where you can learn this weapon-based martial arts. Plus, you will also learn about the different martial arts in the world. Time to get started.

What Is Kendo And Its Fighting Style?

"Kendo," also known as "kumdo," means "way of the sword." This Korean / Japanese martial art and modern martial art has also been referred to by some as "Oriental fencing." With large swords made of bamboo, loud yelling, and protective armor, kendo is a form of martial arts that consists of a generous amount of fast-paced and full-contact sword fighting. Furthermore, the use of full body armor paves the way for safer practice, minimal injuries, and of course, maximum burning of calories, if you want its health benefits. Now for the technicalities. Kendo matches take place in a nine to 11 meters square area. Kendo practitioners wear a jacket, a long divided skirt, a chest protector, a waist protector, a mask, and padded gloves. The bamboo sword may vary from 43 to 46 inches in length and is made of four lengths of seasoned bamboo bound by waxed cord. All blows use the "cutting" edge of the bamboo sword, but this is not really sharp. This bamboo sword is held with both hands. Points are awarded for blows delivered upon the left and right side, or the top of the head. Points are also awarded for blows delivered upon the left or right twist, the right or left side of the trunk, and for a thrust to the throat. These are only the scoring areas. The name of the point struck should be called out at the same time by the attacker with his or her blow, and is verified by the judges. The match is won by the first combatant who scores two points.

Other Different Types Of Martial Arts

When it comes to the various martial arts styles, know that there are literally many different styles in this sport, from traditional styles to modern styles. And here is something that you should know. There are about 180 different types of martial arts all over the world. You read that right. A hundred and eighty different kinds of martial arts, comprising thousands of fighting styles, techniques, and forms. But for the sake of our discussion today, so can have a good overview about martial arts, here is a list of martial arts that are most popular, together with the different techniques.

Mixed Martial Arts

Did you know that mixed martial arts is as old as combat itself? It was practiced in different forms in ancient China, Greece, Egypt, India, Italy, and Japan. However, the fighting rules are different in each country. Despite the age of this discipline, modern mixed martial arts involves the use of grappling and striking both standing up and on the ground.

Kun Khmer

Kun Khmer, a Cambodian martial arts, dates back to the ninth century. This martial art was used to protect the Southeast Asian country from other nations, as well as to invade and conquer surrounding nations. Kun Khmer focuses more on the strikes and clinching. And, grappling on the ground is prohibited. Some of the Cambodian athletes who complete in this type of martial arts include Chan Rothana, Khon Sichan, Nou Srey Pov, and Sok Thy.


Meanwhile, lethwei is an ancient martial arts, dating back to the second century when the Burmese Pyu Empire dominated much of the country, which is present-day Myanmar. The original matches were held only for entertainment. However, it was not until 1952 when boxing Olympian Kyar Ba Nyein journeyed across Myanmar to establish the rules and regulations of this sport that people see today. Often referred to as "the art of nine limbs," lethwei features punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and headbutts. Some of its most renowned practitioners include Gold Bet Champions Mite Yine and Ye Thway Ne. Even featherweight sensation Phoe Thaw has competed in lethwei.

Sanda (Wushu)

Sanda has several names, such as wushu and sanshou. But all of these Chinese kickboxing arts have a thing in common: they were originally developed by the Chinese military. It focuses on punching, stand-up wrestling, kicking, throws, takedowns, and sweeps. The most noteworthy individuals who have used this style include multi-time Wushu World Champion Rene "The Challenger" Catalan, former ONE Lightweight Word Champion and three-time gold medal winner Eduard "Landslide" Folayang, and Chinese National Sanda Champion Zhao Zhi Kang.


Up next is Judo. This martial arts came from the mind of Japanese polymath Kano Jigoro in the late 19th century. He originally created the art to teach both physical and mental well-being, and to promote morality. Through the years, this martial art has evolved and since become an Olympic sport. The discipline revolves around throws, pins, takedowns, joint locks, and chokes. Among the most popular individuals who practice this include Japanese superstars Thunder, Sexy Yama, Ayaka Miura, Ken Hasegawa, and Shinya Aoki.


Karate is a martial art that came to Japan during the early 1900s with the disenfranchised Ryukyuans. This Japanese martial art features a discipline that was taught systematically in the East Asian country during the 1920s and 1930s. In 2016, the International Olympic Committee has approved to include this sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. Originally an offshoot of the Ryukyuan martial arts, karate had its influence from kung fu. The discipline emphasizes open-handed strikes, punching, elbowing, kneeing, and kicking. Some of the most renowned students in the largest martial arts organization worldwide include Alain “The Panther” Ngalani, Ramon Gonzales, and Anatpong Bunrad.

Kung Fu

On the other hand, kung fu is a form of martial arts responsible for the emergence of many martial arts throughout Asia. This style, in the past, was used for self-defense, hunting, and military training in ancient China. Kung fu focuses on strikes, throws, joint manipulation, and pressure point attacks. Some of the most popular athletes who practice this discipline include ONE Strawweight Word Champion Alex "Little Rock" Silva, kickboxing sensation The Hurricane, and veteran The Hunter.

Muay Thai

Regarded as Thailand's national sport, Muay Thai is a martial art that dates back to the days of the Konbuang dynasty in Siam, the former name of the Southeast Asian country. But, during the 1800s, King Chulalongkorn turned this martial art into a sport. After this, rules and regulations were introduced. Muay Thai has since been used in competitions but is also learned for self-defense, and the betterment of one's health. Also known as "the art of eight limbs," this martial art focuses on punches, elbows, knees, and kicks, but also involves sweeps and clinch work.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, otherwise referred to as BJJ, was developed as an offshoot of judo when the student of judo's founder Kanō Jigorō, Mitsuyo Maeda, traveled to Brazil in 1914. Maeda taught his techniques to Carlos Gracie, though it is actually his smaller, less athletic brother Helio Gracie who is hugely credited for taking "the gentle art" into what we see today. Stand-up elements belong to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but it is mostly focused on utilizing leverage and technique on the ground to defeat opponents with chokes and joint locks. It was in the 1980s to 1990s when BJJ rose to prominence as an extremely effective martial art.


Last but not least in this partial rundown of the various kinds of martial arts is taekwondo. This martial arts was developed in Korea between the 1940s and 1950s. The practice of Taekwondo is an art form and a way of life; it encourages physical and mental strength and the discipline of self-control. Every kick, punch, and block is designed to sharpen the mind and body, to stay in tune with the environment, and to use all available assets for human activity. Taekwondo practitioners prepare for physical conflict through a blend of rigorous physical conditioning and meditation. There is something beautiful and powerful in the movement of a practitioner’s limbs, flowing like water as they execute the many techniques of the art form; movements that are precise and sharp, but with a stunning grace. This Korean martial art is known for a style that focuses on head kicks, spinning kicks, jumping kicks, and other kicking techniques. There you have it, some of the types of martial arts existing today. There are certainly more, so be sure to be open-minded about this. Up next, we'll get back to discussing about kendo, and learn why you should start practicing it.

Why You Should Start Practicing The Kendo Fighting System: Benefits That This Martial Arts Practice Can Give

Modern kendo focuses on enhancing the practitioner's life, in the moral, physical, and spiritual aspects. This martial arts also aims to improve one's character by instilling the principles of the word. After all, kendo is the way of the sword. Also, know that kendo training tends to be noisier than other combat sports and martial arts. This is because it produces shouts to express the practitioner's fighting spirit as they fight with their opponent. Moreover, kendo practitioners also stamp their feet after striking.

1. This Martial Art Form Improves Your Physical Fitness

Kendo is a great way to exercise the muscles. Believe it or not, beginner sessions are simple and primarily focus on safety and injury prevention. Of course, as you expand your kendo skill set, the training intensity tends to increase. Beginners, of course, might find themselves confused and unfit in the beginning, but gradually improve as the weeks go by. After all, you can accelerate and improve your fitness when you participate in a kendo training program since your kendo trainer will usually prescribe a series of exercises you will practice during your free time. Take this as your homework.

2. It Relieves Your Stress

Life is always hectic, leaving many people often exhausted physically and emotionally. And when stress hits you, you increase your chances of having mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Kendo solves these. Like yoga and meditation, kendo is capable of relieving your stress. This is because as you practice the sport, you build up your spirit. The mind, when engaged in kendo, focuses on movements, giving the practitioner emotional calm and a reprieve from the troubles of life.

3. It Helps In Your Personal Development

Some kendo sessions are done in groups, and with this, it fosters personal development. During training, players interact with their trainers, colleagues, and community. These interactions instill critical values, such as self-discipline and self-discovery. Upon completing a kendo training course, the practitioner feels a strong sense of accomplishment. Plus, understanding and caring for others also help you better understand and believe in yourself.

4. It Makes You More Courageous

Another reason why you should enroll in kendo training is that this fighting style promotes courage, even when you are unlikely to emerge victorious. This means you will not hold back in situations where the odds are against you. Furthermore, since kendo requires the utmost concentration to master the skills, kendo practitioners develop courage and enthusiasm to face every situation that hurls at them. Thus, they can better handle the vicissitudes of life.

Learn Martial Arts, Particularly The Kendo Combat Sport, At US Hwa Rang Kwan (USHRK)

Learning kendo is about making an investment. While you can learn it by watching videos about it online, there is no better way to understand and experience this martial art is by enrolling in a kendo school. One of the best kendo schools worldwide is US Hwa Rang Kwan. US Hwa Rang Kwan is a martial arts school dedicated to the promotion and teaching of kendo in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, as well as in Chantilly, Virginia, and Ellicott City, Maryland. This martial arts training ground offers classes for students as young as seven years old and older. It has a distinctive teaching style. Its focus is not on kendo for self-defense, but on kendo for self-development, through spiritual maturity, inner strength, the calmness of the soul, and a pure heart. These principles, combined with speed and strength, are the true essence of kendo. US Hwa Rang Kang is affiliated with and certified by the Korea Kumdo Association in the area. It is also affiliated with the Greater Washington Metropolitan Kumdo Federation or GWMKF, which is a subdivision of the Korea Kumdo Association. Its mission is to promote and teach the highest level of kendo in the Washington, D.C. area, Virginia, and Maryland. New classes have opened! For these, you may head over to 8510 High Ridge Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043, and start practicing kendo.

Now That You Have Learned About The Popular Types Of Martial Arts, Let's Answer Some Quora Questions

Quora is a great place to head over to online to learn more about almost any topic under the sun, including the popular styles of and different martial arts. So, to further learn about the various martial arts out there and their fighting techniques, we've selected the best questions on Quora about this discussion and answered them.

Is Learning Kendo Worth It?

Kendo is a modern martial art that makes use of bamboo swords and protective armor. Today, it is widely practiced in many parts of the world. Is learning kendo worth it? Definitely. Kendo is not only a form of exercise but also a great stress reliever and a way toward personal development.

Why Do People Yell When Fighting In Kendo?

Kendo is one of the noisiest martial arts but in a good and beneficial way. People yell during kendo to startle and intimidate the opponent. They also yell to express confidence and victory. So, yelling during kendo is also a way to express yourself. There are several reasons why people yell when fighting in kendo:

  1. Focus and Intensity: The act of yelling helps the practitioner to focus their energy and intensity on the strike, increasing the force and power of the strike.
  2. Startle the opponent: The loud yell can startle the opponent, creating a moment of confusion and potentially making it easier to land a successful strike.
  3. Release tension and stress: Yelling also helps to release tension and stress, allowing the practitioner to clear their mind and focus on the present moment.
  4. Show spirit and determination: The kiai is also seen as a way to demonstrate the practitioner's spirit and determination, which is an important aspect of kendo.

Overall, yelling during a strike in kendo is a way to focus the practitioner's energy, startle the opponent, release tension and stress, and demonstrate their spirit and determination.

How Do You Decide Which Martial Art To Learn?

When deciding which martial art to learn, you must take into account your age and any health condition you may have, such as an injury. Some martial arts are very aerobic, involving a lot of jumps, leaps, and flips that may not be suitable for all students of various ages. For instance, Shaolin Kung Fu and capoeira involve several upside-down movements. Tai chi, on the other hand, is a gentler type, a reason why it is more suitable for those with physical limitations. Additionally, various martial arts also focus on different body parts. For example, karate and Western boxing are good for developing upper body strength, while taekwondo helps improve leg strength. Your size should also be considered when making the choice. Martial arts like Wudang quan, judo, and aikido teach the person how to use another person's weight and size to their advantage. Thus, these are a good choice for smaller people. Kendo could be a good fit for you because Kendo is a highly beneficial martial art to learn for numerous reasons. Practicing kendo involves a lot of physical activity, which can improve overall fitness levels, as well as mental discipline, improving focus, concentration, and self-control. In addition to being a self-defense system, kendo provides a cultural experience, and an opportunity for social interaction. The development of life skills, such as self-discipline, perseverance, and humility, also makes it a highly effective personal growth tool. Overall, kendo is a highly recommended martial art for anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well-being, learn self-defense techniques, experience a new culture, and grow as an individual.

Final Thoughts: Kendo Is One Of The Popular Martial Arts You Should Try

Martial arts teaches a lot of values. These include honor, humility, integrity, respect, discipline, courage, and compassion. Martial arts may have originated on the battlefields. But today, the many styles it has represent a means to self-improvement and self-discovery. Simply put, martial arts can better the lives of people who practice them. When discussing martial arts, there are many types of martial arts that you can find. There is the jujutsu. Then, there is the Wing Chun. You also have the Krav Maga. Then, there are those that you have learned about in the earlier discussion. When it comes to the styles, you may also encounter those that use ground fighting, those categorized as hybrid martial arts, Asian martial arts, and other popular competitive sports considered as martial arts. Above, we have listed 10 types of martial arts or 10 martial arts, plus kendo, but there are many others as well. All the styles of martial arts are highly effective, so choosing which to learn can be difficult. Nonetheless, it is important that you choose the best one for you. Sure, you can learn any martial arts style alone. There are many online videos nowadays that teach the many styles used and the variety of styles you can use. However, we still recommend that you get training from a professional, usually in a martial arts school. We hope this discussion has helped you gain substantial knowledge about the different types of martial arts. Feel free to share this piece with your friends and loved ones. We will keep posting about martial arts and updating you about everything you should know in this field, so be sure to always check this martial arts blog from time to time. Also, you may interact with us to let us know of your thoughts about this discussion.


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